K.H.Christopher Sze is a fashion photographer, whose rich cross- cultural upbringing and industry experience inspires a unique aesthetic in his work.

    Christopher began his creative journey with a Major in Directing and Director of Photography at the Auckland Society of Fine Art in New Zealand. Following his graduation in 1998 he relocated to London, where he assisted award-winning photographers- including Daniel Stier, Martin Evening, and Mariano Vivanco - to gain experience and inspiration. Working with these professionals gave the opportunity to assist on shoots for brands across Europe and the UK, and to learn from the best in the business. Following Europe, he chose to return to his roots in Asia and pursue his own success, opening his studio in Shanghai.

   Through these experiences, he learned the value of mixing genres and fields of photography to achieve the most impactful images. Individually, Tak possesses a natural eye for where each product, model, or brand will shine, and how to guide them to that light. This creative edge brings a unique flair to any type of photography Tak approaches, from editorial to ecommerce work. It is this mix-and match of styles, genres, and industries that that make his work stand- alone in his field.